HOLOCAUST Studies and Materials
Author: Editor in Chief Dariusz Libionka
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TABLE OF CONTENTS vol 1; 2008 - English edition

Jan Grabowski, From the editor

Jacek Leociak, Understanding the Holocaust. A Task for Generations


Michał Głowiński; Błoński's Essay Years Later

Jacek Leociak, Literature of the Personal Document as a Source in Holocaust Research (a Methodological Reconnaissance)

Małgorzata Melchior, The Holocaust and Polish-Jewish Relations in Sociological Studies

Andrzej Żbikowski, Texts Buried in Oblivion. Testimonies of Two Refugees from the Mass Grave at Poniatowa

Aleksandra Bańkowska, Polish Partisan Formations during 1942;1944 in Jewish Testimonies

Agnieszka Haska, Adam Żurawin, a Hero of a Thousand Faces

Dariusz Libionka, Apocrypha from the History of the Jewish Military Union and its Authors

Adam Kopciowski, Anti-Jewish Incidents in the Lublin Region in the Early Years after World War II


The Diary of Hinda and Chanina Malachi [introduced by Jan Grabowski, Lea Balint]

Alina Skibińska, Dariusz Libionka, ;I swear to fight for a free and mighty Poland, carry out the orders of my superiors, so help me God;Jews in the Home Army. An Episode from Ostrowiec ¦więtokrzyski

Dariusz Libionka, Against a Brick Wall. Interventions of Kazimierz Papee, the Polish Ambassador at the Holy See with Regard to German Crimes in Poland, November 1942;January 1943

Monika Polit, The Text Called Szmul Rozensztaj;s Diary

Józef Górski, At the Turn of History [prep. by J. Grabowski]

Stanislaw Sreniowski, From a Book of Madness And Atrocity ; compiled by Jacek Leociak.

Ewa KoĽmińska-Frejlak, A Testimony of Silence; Interview with Jerzy Lewiński, a former functionary of the Order Service in the Warsaw ghetto


Jan Grabowski, Barbara Engelking, Warsaw Jews Expelled from Switzerland to the General Government


Roman Weksler-Waszkinel, Father Stanisław Musiał's Struggle with Memory

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