The Lost World. Polish Jews, or photographs of interwar Jewish life
Author: Konrad Zieliński, Leszek Dulik
Weight: 1795 g
Price: 140.00 ZŁ

The album depicts the life of Polish Jews in the interwar period. It presents pictures by famous photographers, such as Kacyzne, Zajczyk and Aleksandrowicz, as well as by anonymous authors. Over 460 photographs from both private and public collections have been used.

Prof. Konrad Zieliński and Leszek Dulik, the album authors, wanted the publication to depict the life of the Jewish minority as broadly as possible. They have chosen photographs that show, among others, the richness of Jewish religious, cultural and political life as well as Jewish contribution to Poland's history. The album captures the image of everyday life, a typical house and the accompanying emotions: joy, suffering and a sense of community with others.

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