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The Museum Auschwitz publications
Preserving for the future
Weight: 324 g
ISBN: 83-88526-46-4,Publisher: Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum 2003 65 pp., text, illustrations Bilingual Polish-English version, translated into English by Jaime Ashworth 210 x 210 mm
Price: 32.00 PLN
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The Tragedy of Jews of Slovakia
Author: The fifteen authors of the articles
Weight: 359 g
ISBN: 83-88526-15-4,Publisher: Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum 2002 319 p., soft cover, illustrations, documents, bibliography, glossary, biographical sketches of the principal perpetrators, indices, 205 x 145 mm.
Price: 36.00 PLN
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Author: Text Teresa and Henryk Świebocki Photographs Adam Bujak
Weight: 1025 g
ISBN 83-22918-26-5, Published by Bialy Kruk, Krakow-Oswiecim 2003, An Album pp.127, hard cover, color, black-white pictures and documents. 300x 240mm
Price: 69.00 PLN
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Auschwitz-Birkenau Guidebook
Author: Kazimierz Smoleń
Weight: 100 g
ISBN 83-85047-15-8, Published by State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau , Oświęcim 1994, 24 pp., photographs, 2 maps, 110 x 205 mm
Price: 7.00 PLN
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Author: Halina Birenbaum
Weight: 205 g
ISBN 3-596-12414-x, Published by Fischer Verlag, 2002, pp. 199, soft back, 120 x190 mm.
Price: 34.00 PLN
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Werte gegen Gewalt. Betrachtungen einer Soziologin uber Auschwitz
Author: Anna Pawełczyńska
Price: 32.00 PLN
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Auschwitz prisoner labor
Author: Franciszek Piper
Weight: 625 g
ISBN 83-88526-24-3, Publishe by Museum in Auschwitz, pp. 467, soft back, 205x145 mm
Price: 42.00 PLN
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Auschwitz. Gedichte
Auswahl und Ausarbeitung: Adam A. Zych und Dorothea Mueller - Ott. 1998, 311 S., biografische Notizen, alphabetisches Verzeichnis der Werke, Namensverzeichnis der Uebersetzer, 14,5x20,5. ISBN 83-85047-75-1
Price: 27.00 PLN
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Auschwitz in den Augen der SS. Rudolf Hoess, Pery Broad, Johann Paul Kremer
Weight: 438 g
Uebersetzung: Herta Henschel. 1998, 246 S., Fotografien und Dokumente, Bibliografie, Verzeichnisse, biografische Notizen der SS - Leute, 16x23,5 cm. ISBN 83-85047-35-2
Price: 42.00 PLN
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Als Jude im besetzten Polen. Krakau - Auschwitz - Buchenwald
Author: Stanisław Taubenschlag
Verlag Staatliches Museum Auschwitz- Birkenau und PAROL 1996, 183 S., Fotografien, Dokumente, Personen - und geographisches Verzeichnis, 14,5x20,5. ISBN 83-85331-73-5
Price: 23.00 PLN
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