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HOLOCAUST Studies and Materials
Author: Editor in Chief Dariusz Libionka
Weight: 658 g
ISSN: 1895-247X , Published by Polish Center for Holocaust Research, pp.398, wym. 165 x 235 mm
Price: 42.00 PLN
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Jewish Memorial Books. A Bibliography
Author: Editor : Adam Kopciowski
Weight: 205 g
ISBN 978-83-227-2863-5, Published by UMCS, Lublin 2008, paper back , pp.141 , 240 x 150 mm
Price: 24.00 PLN
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The Day Before The Extermination
Author: ed. Małgorzata Żarnowska-Maciągowska
Weight: 300 g
ISBN: 978-83-89995-10-0, Published by: The National Museum in Kielce, Kielce 2007, 70 pp, soft cover, 250x160 mm
Price: 22.00 PLN
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The extermination of the Lublin Ghetto
Author: Tadeusz Radzik
Weight: 1020 g
ISBN 978-83-227-2647-1, Published by MariaSklodowska-Curie University in Lublin, Lublin 2007, pp. 135, hard cover, document photographs, map of the ghetto.
Price: 60.00 PLN
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The Cemetery of the Jewish Communities of Będzin and Czeladź Poland
Author: Jeffrey K.Cymbler
Weight: 3002 g
ISBN: 978-83-915076-5-0, Published by: Wydawnictwo "Hagada", Kraków-Tel Aviv 2007, 223 pp, hard cover, 220x300 mm., DVD with every tombstone/ approximately 2800/ in the cemetery. The book is totally translated in English, Hebrew and Polish
Price: 90.00 PLN
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A world before a catastrophe
Author: Międzynarodowe Centrum Kultury
Weight: 1200 g
ISBN 978-83-89273-45-1 Published by International center of Culture in Krakow, Kraków 2007, pp.173, hard cover, 250 x280 mm
Price: 66.00 PLN
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German Places of extermination in Poland
Author: Edytor: Jacek Lachendro
Weight: 320 g
ISBN: 978-83-7419-092-3, Published by: Parma Press, Marki 2007, hard cover, pp. 95, 170x160 mm
Price: 25.00 PLN
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Text in the Face of Destruction – Accounts from the Warsaw Ghetto Reconsidered
Author: Jacek Leociak
Weight: 658 g
ISBN 83-85888-68-3, Published by Jewish Historical Institute , Warsaw 2004, pp. 296, hard cover
Price: 49.00 PLN
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Traces of the Litzmannstadt Getto
Weight: 356 g
ISBN 83-7415-001-7,Published by Piątek Trzynastego, 2004, soft cover ,pp.144, 210 x 110 mm
Price: 24.00 PLN
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Holocaust Survivor Testimonies Catalogue vol. III
Weight: 569 g
ISBN 83-85888-85-3, Published by Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw 2002 pp.398, hard cover, 210 x 150 mm
Price: 40.00 PLN
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